Western's "ON" Jan 8-9 | Lake City, Mn

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Posted by: John Davenport on January 06, 2005 at 18:46:26:

Lake PepinThe 2005 Western Regional Championship Regatta has been called "ON" for this weekend, Jan 8th & 9th on "Lake Pepin" sailing out of Lake City, MN. This huge lake only received 0.5" of snow from the last storm and was clear befor that. It was sailed Sunday and today. Hotel info and directions to the launch site to follow...

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Posted by: John Davenport on January 06, 2005 at 21:22:00:
HOTLINE 414-299-9305

Directions to Lake City, MN
I-90 West to La Crosse, WI
Cross over the Mississippi River.
MN Start Hwy 14 North to Winnona
14 turns in to 61 North
MN State Hwy 61 North to Lake City MN.

Launch on the North side of the Peninsula downtown.
Ohuta Park, see yahoo map below

Americinn Motel (Regatta HQ)
1615 North Lakeshore Drive

Sunset Motel & Resort (1 block away from HQ)
Hwy. 61 & 63, North Lake Shore Dr.

Lake City Country Inn (2 blocks away from HQ)
1401 North Lakeshore Drive

Alaskan Lodge

Registration: 8:00 am at the launch.

Lake City Web Sites
Yahoo map | Lake City

Weather Underground | Lake City

The Official Info
Hotline: 414-299-9305
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great regatta

We had a great regatta. The ice had 1" of snow on it, but it didn't slow you down. Light winds for both days blowing up from down river.

Two fleets, 3 races/fleet on saturday and 4 races/fleet on sunday. Sunday was much warmer, saturday it was humid and it felt very cold.

Here's the top finishers in the two fleets..

4811 Markham Chatterton of La Crosse, Wi is the 2005 Western Region Gold Fleet Champion

4923 John Loomis of Minnetonka, Mn is the 2005 Western Region Silver Fleet Champion

There was one bad incident before any racing got started on saturday. While people were tuning up there was a bad port upwind/starboard reaching collision. The starboard boat hit the port boat right behind the mast. The collision was bad enough that both boats were badly damaged and one skipper had to go to the ER with a compound fracture to his fibia and a laceration to his gums.. ouch.. and remember this was in light winds..

think ice,
the anonymous skipper...