Mtka Ice Report

Went sailing yesterday (Wed) on Excelsior/Gideons and slot. I setup at the public beach to the West of Tonka Bay marine. Good launch site. The ice in front of Tonka Bay Marine is smooth, but a relatively small area. Gideons is also very smooth. There are some extensive rough spots just outside Excelsior bay heading towards Wayzata down the slot. All the wind right after the initial freeze seems to have pushed a fair amount of ice around, hence, the rough spots. Didn't have a chance to venture to the main lake, because the wind was dying in the slot and it would have been a long walk back. There are some good lanes out there, but no big sheets of ice to make a big racecourse. I will be heading back this afternoon and hopefully the rain will have smoothed some things out.

I will try and make it to the main lake, but I have a feeling the main lake is full of large frozen drifts.

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new years day

Talked to a few people by phone and it looks like the plan is to sail spring park bay tomorrow.

Reports are that it's not to bad on the south shore of the upper lake.

Launch either at spring park bay, water rescue and sail to south shore or launch somewhere on the other side of the upper lake.

racing starts at 11:00am

think ice...

Snow and ice coming

The New Years Day weather map in motion looks as though we may have 15 MPH and snow or ice moving in from the SW at about 1 pm. This should give a couple hours of fun. I am loading my DN and will be on Spring Park Bay, water patrol landing by 11 AM. Hope to see a few more on the race course. Sorry ran out of the bubbly last night.

Mike Miller

Friday afternoon wind

Wow! I see where the "whip mast" term came from. West Arm was decent ice and the gusts were wild. A few hardend old drifts made for a couple launches. Was any one on the main lower lake today? If so a post would be appreciated. All I saw was an Eklof Skimmer on west side as I drove by. Any one going out on Sat? I will bring the champagne.
Happy New Year

Mike Miller

New Years eve sailing?

I just walked out on Lake and looks like the drifts have melted. The rain has all evaporated or froze but is a little rough. If wind drops below 20 MPH, where will DN sailing be today? Could be a good ride.

Mike Miller

lake calhoun?

I'm running over to see how calhoun is.. I just got a report that someone is out on a dn on calhoun and the ice looks good..



Sailing on Spring Park today and going to check out the lower lake tomarrow.

JD US4691

JD US4691

Main lake

I sailed main lake a few days ago and it was great. small skattered drifts, but much thinner than on the bays. No pressure ridge between Wayzata bay and the main lake. A large ridge from Brackets point to Big Island and another between Big Island to about the Greenwood/Deephaven bourder. I was able to wrestle my DN over both the ridges and get around the island though.


What about setting up in Wayzata at WYC? If there's little or no ridge
from Wayzata into the main lake that might be a large sailing area.

Spring Park has been pretty good so far.

Anyone else interested in sailing?