Gold Cup and North Americans Postponed for One Day

I just called the hotline and registration has been moved back to sunday.

The deep freeze that is forcasted for thur-fri-sat-sun is the reasoning behind the one day postponement.

That means registration now starts at 5:00pm on Sunday not Saturday.

Lake Pepin is still the primary site.

Yeehaa.. don't let yer coot throw yaget ready to hang on...

it's going to be a wild ride while we wait the weather out and see just where we'll actually be having the regatta. five days is like 100 dog years in ice time... Hopefully lake pepin will just get better and better..

I suppose we'll have to wait for the rain/ice/sleet/snow to move through the area tomorrow and see what it leaves for us. Not that I've been glued to the radar, but lake pepin seems to be in a strange vortex and is right on the ice/snow border of the storm. we shall see.. and willing the weather hardly ever works..

but if we all...
think ice....

Coot Cowboy

Who's the Coot Cowboy on the statue.

that would be Rob

Rob Evans, 4975.. after that wild weekend in ashby with the high winds..

the coot never disappoints..;-)