Live From Winnebago

cold killed the batteries....

well the camera had a full charge but after 15minutes in the deep freeze it was done.

The link above auto-refreshes at 60sec, I will try to post some more live pics... now that we have the technology figured out.


more live shots from pit row tomorrow...

We heated up the batteries and got the camera going again after the opening ceremonies. We drove around in the car and took pictures every minute and uploaded them back.

Tomorrow I'll setup the camera on the dash in the pit area and take a picture every 5 min or something till the batteries die...

I also want to get the archive of this morning going... I'll probably just dump it into a gallery for now.

For those techies following along, here's how I'm doing it...
linux x21 thinkpad
cannon powershot s200
computer-usb-camera w/ gphoto2 taking interval pics (60sec)
nokia 6120-bluetooth-bluetooth-usb-dongle computer
att&t mMode internet access
ssh picture to web server over mMode (about 15secs)

The computer has power thru the cig lighter adapter, but the phone and camera batteries have to last the day. There are many ways for the gadgets to win this round.



Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to do something like this. You are an iceboating/live blogging video pioneer! Good to know that ATT wireless works on Lake Winnebago at Fond du Lac.

Deb Whitehorse

it's fun to try..

I'm going to to try to setup the cam on the dash tomorrow morning, and point it down the pit lane. Probably some action tomorrow mid-morning.

I've also added the images to a gallery....

pretty repetitive, 60secs apart.. but they they are anyway.