Gold Cup :: Racing Delayed

The Opening Ceremonies for the 2005 Gold Cup got underway on Lake Winnebago with the temps still in the negative (-2F).

8 different contries were represented and the top skipper from each country were introduced.

Racing was called off today and the next skippers meeting is set at 9:00am tuesday morning, at the race HQ Hotel.

120 boats have been registerd. 50 in the gold, 35 in silver, 35 in bronze.

The top 12 skippers from the bronze and silver will qualify up.

Tomorrow it's set to blow snot.. we'll see...

cold on winnebago

Keep the content comming

I can't wait to hear about tomorrow. Are you going to wear your GPS and give Max speed per race updates???

Sheet in hard, Don't be me :-)

Da Bear

no can do boo

i wouldn't want to be in violation
of IDNIYRA by-laws Racing Rules

Rule I: No electronic equipment is allowed, except timing device.