Any opportunity to try Ice Boating?

I am visiting the Twin Cities area this Thursday - Sunday and am wondering if there is anywhere / anyone who teaches Ice Boating. I am a very experienced sailor and windsurfer, if that matters at all. Would love to try out your sport! Please email me at or call my cell 206-396-2731 if you have any ideas for me.

Thanks, and sail fast.
Tom Hall
Seattle, WA

DN/ Nite sailing

I've got a couple DN's and a Nite set up on Riley, a smaller lake a few of miles south of Minnetonka. We haven't been able to sail for two weeks, but it may be possible now. We have about an inch of snow over some snow ice, but the fisherman and teenagers have been driving all over it and packed it down, so those areas are going to be tough to get through.. I'll check it out and see if it's possible to sail. It may be ok if we have a good breeze. Give me a call when you are in town and we can try.

John Bushey

cell 952 270-9206 home 952 934-9152

John Bushey

Don't get your hopes up, Tom.

I took a DN out in about 12-15 kts this PM. With the crusty snow, it was more self abuse than sailing. I'll let you know if conditions change for the better.

John Bushey

John Bushey

To much snow

I would be more than willing to take you ice boating on Lake Minnetonka which is west of the twin cities if the ice was good. However, I was out driving on the lake saturday (whipping donuts) and there is about 4 inches of snow. So the ice boat session here is over until it gets a little warmer.