I recently ran across the plans to build a Scooter somewhere on the web. I believe it was through a link to one of the iceboating web pages. However, I cannot find it again. If someone knows of this link, please let me know.

Also, if anyone has experience sailing this craft, could you please tell me about it.

Copy - Paste from Yahoo Iceboating group

As far as resources for information on building a South Bay Scooter
the Carman's River Maritime Center is probably a good place to start
if you are interested in building a traditional gaff rigged Watkin's
Scooter. They have done courses on building this Scooter so they
must have some plans available.

The following is a link to their website-

There are a great set of plans and detailed information for building
a Cane Rig (Harless) style scooter in the 1949 October and November
Popular Mechanics Magazines. It is a two part article so you really
need both issues. These can often be found on E-bay if you watch for
them. The two boats I have seen built from these plans are
beautiful; Captain Scoot & Commodore Scoot.

John Sperr had a portion of these plans scanned and available on his
Hudson River Iceboat Club Website. The following is the link to that

There is a website that sells reprints of old boat plans that I
believe you can also obtain the Harless & Hermus (spelling?) plans
from. Try the following link-
If that doesn't work go to click the `sailboats'
link and then the `iceboats' link then the `Iceboat Scoot' and
the `South Bay Scooter' link.

The Woodenboat Magazine article previously mentioned is a great read
and well worth obtaining if you have not read it. It is the best
article done in recent history on Scooters.

Good luck.