2005 Gold Cup :: Tuesday :: Racing Postponed

Racing has been postponed until Noon.

The race committe reported sustained 25mph out on the ice. It's a little to fast for the condition of the ice, it's pretty bumpy.. so they say.. I still haven't been out..

us45 went out for a ride and gave us a little show... up.. up.. and over...
he's okay...

Quite a number of the fleet are heading out for a little rip anyway.

more to follow..


how's the cam working?

Tuesday High Winds

I bet US4960 was out on the ice ripping it up!
Good luck Dave

Lots of wind!!

Keep the info and pics coming
Harry US2452
Wish I was there!!
Brian Porter reports that Key West has the same wind as Oshkosh

no more racing..

It's been called for the day. too windy...

as the europeans were overheard...
it's shutup and holdon out there

Tomorrow's schedule:

Start time for Bronze Qualifier: 10:00am

ie; the flag goes down at 10:00am

It will be interesting to see what happens with the snow, here's to hoping our luck changes..

too much wind on winnebago

3 minute update..

I've switched to the 180sec updates..

that will help with batteries during the lull in activity...

Web Cam

Love it,
Point it towards the crack



yea ass crack!!!!biach

yea ass crack!!!!biach

Looks Windy - Latest wind readings