Gold Cup web cam - Portable action shots

Will and Jimmy are going to walk around the pit area with the live web cam and take shots of all the cool boats. Keep refreshing your browser to see the photos.

How'd they do that?!


Thanks for the live webcam

It is fun to follow up the happenings here in Hungary.
Congratulations and thanks for the good work, and keep it up!
I would also be interested of the archive you have mentioned earlier. Where could I find that?
Best Regards,
Peter Hamrak


The updates from the cam and written messages are great. Wish there was a play by play of all the days happenings as they unfold, even though not much has happened, sailing wise, because of the weather. But that's iceboating.
Tom Potcova

here's the first day archives...

we walked around but the camera took two shots out of the warm of the car and died. but of course it had taken 200 and sum shots earlier..

i'll see if I can post some of today's archives later.

movies of the webcams

Here's a couple of composites of the cam pictures.

Hopefully everybody will be able to view them.


Very cool Jimmy, keep up the

Very cool Jimmy, keep up the great work!!