2005 Gold Cup :: Wednesday

Lake Winnebago, WI
28deg F
15-25mph winds

pretty good sized snow drifts..

we are back online


looks like the race committe isn't setting up a course.. yet..

wednesday video from the stills

Here's an avi of the stills from wednesday.


postponed, again..

It looks like there are 1' drifts out on the lake that stop the iceboat. The race commitee doesn't think we can have a fair start line and is concerned about safety with the boat stopping drifts.

They are going to check both ends of Lake Winnebago and some other venues that are close by.

we'll have another skippers meeting at 11:00am

postponed till 12:30

The race committee has setup a trial race course on the south end of the lake. A dozen boats are going to go down and try it out and see if it's any better.

Otherwise we are looking at other venues...
madison, lake pepin...

any and all ice checkers please report in. if you know of any sailable ice in the western region we need to hear from your.

thinking ice on winnebago

racing canceled for today

Race course on the south side of the lake isn't very good, and isn't going to work for a world championship.

The Plan is to pack up the gear here, go back to the hotel and wait for the word at 6:00pm.

Next skippers meeting is at 6;00pm at the Race HQ Hotel.

Madison and Lake Pepin are being checked for suitable ice right now and by 6:00pm the race committee will have those reports. Then tomorrow morning we leave the hotel real early and start racing at Noon.

and we've got fresh batteries for the cam, and we'll be taking live shots of the circus being packed up.


skunked on winnebago

You go Jimmy and Will dog!!

You go Jimmy and Will dog!!

wonder twin powers activate

shape of a snow plow.... form of a plow blade....

you guys are never going to find any ice....the only your finding is the ones in your cocktails



sean man strikes again

sean man strikes again