Gold Cup Location Moving -Deep Snow Drifts

Just spoke with Will and Jimmy the location of the Gold Cup is going to be moved because of deep snow drifts. The drifts are deep enough to stop an ice boat in its tracks several boats flipped over at speed this moring when hitting snow drifts.

Possible new venues: Madision or Lake Pepin (SteveK is checking out Pepin)



John Harper is on his way to sail Lake Mendota in Madison (he should be there by now). Offical decision at 6:00pm.

ahhh another move

God i love this sport

Lake Pepin

I just spoke to a buddy that lives in Lake City. They have not had more than one inch since we were there 10 days ago. The ice, per his opinion is the same as we had for the Regionals.I do not have Kennedy's phone number to contact. My buddy's name is Pat Stambaugh at 651-345-4446, if you need to call him. He lives directly across the street from Lake Pepin.
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