Friday Sunset Cruise at Mtka

Left work early on Friday to setup my boat at the Allen/Pratt location in Cottagewood in hope of a sunset poach. After setting up the boat the wind came up and it was time to sail. Had a beautiful sunset cruise with the orange light glistening off the smooth ice.

Main Lake:
Condition good with some isolated rough spots. Not regatta conditions, but great recreational sailing. Ice is a little rough closer to Arcola bridge, but at the Northhome end of the lake the ice was good.

Big Island Slot to Excelsior:
Very rough from multiple car & snowmobile tracks. Not very fun in a little DN. I think I loosened a couple fillings.

Come one come all on Saturday and enjoy a little sailing on the big lake.

US ?????

PS Jimmy (US 5214) bring your webcam. I'll supply the shore power.

half a dozen

Starting in the afternoon on saturday there was six or seven dn's doing some scrub racing on Lafeatte Bay. The ice was smoother in the bay then he main lake. But the main lake was still pretty good. Very smooth sections followed by some ruff sections.

Between the shore and spirit island there is the most perfect dn jump. Harry hit it full speed, and i was right behind him and we both got launched, but there was no jarring landing.. it was pretty wild.. must be the perfect ramp, to land the boat on the rear runners or something.

At around 4:00 we went for a main lake cruise for an hour and we could go all around the main lake with out running into any large pressure ridges.

Super fun day out on the home lake, Ice rated a true 6..

I'm off to get my boat, as I was an optimist and left my boat setup. Might try out my new snow plates.. but i'm not expecting to much success..

looking at 4" snow in minneapolis

The big lake

Rob Hahn, my old Arrow, and myself in the Nite left Priest Bay around 10:00AM yesterday and finished around 4:30PM after crusing Cooks Bay, Upper Lake,Carman Bay and checking out the narrows bridge. The engineers made the bridge about one foot short for our masts. No tools to break down the boat for transit to the other side so sailed all day around Enchanted Island and Hardscrabble Point in great ice with little roughness in most spots.

Lots of blade dulling sand and grit under the bridge.

I may stop by and see all of you folks today.

Don Knudsen (DonnyK)

will do...

i'll bring the cam and I'm heading out there very soon.

dress warm..
brrr.. it's 10deg out there..