Lake Mendota Sailing 3-12-05

It sure ain't as nice as Wednesday...
Lake Mendota, 3/9/05

The 4-Lakes Club sailed four races in the DN, Renegade, and Nite fleets today. The lake is about 70% covered with 2" drifts of "styrofoam-like" snow. In under 10 knots my poor light-air/sticky-ice skills really hurt. Others faired better, but nobody sailed without some periods of "the slows". When the winds blew more than 10 kn it was pretty easy to get around the course.

After racing a group of DNs sailed over to the UW Memorial Union for a late lunch:
Lake Mendota 3-12-05

Forecast for tomorrow isn't for much wind, so we'll see what happens. The long-range forecast is for daily highs in the high 30's without any preciptation until Friday when we may get some "mixed snow/rain". That's a bit far out for much accuracy.


Geoff S.

More photos.

Some more photos from Saturday's racing:

Sunday, about the same...

It didn't look like we'd get any sailing in on Sunday, but at 11:30 the wind picked up and we were able to get some races in. The snow is getting stiffer and stickier, but the areas between drifts are also diminishing. I'm hoping that much of the snow will sublime away over the week and we'll have clear(er) ice for next weekend (or maybe late-week sailing).

The temps in the long-range forecast have been increased to 40F and above all week with sun, so I think there's a good chance the snow will disapear before the weekend.


Geoff S.