lake minnetonka ice report

5 DN's sailed Sunday on the main lake, 10 - 15 mph breeze, ice is 24" thick and moderately rumbly. A pretty good sailing area was laid out six two lap tests showed Tom Meyer US 602 had the speed Sunday with 4 bullets.

Conditions look favorable for sailing this weekend, and who knows maybe something a bit more formal will materialize.

Think ice

Buffalo Lake

Rumor has it that Buffalo Lake has no snow on it. Might be worth checking out,,,,,,,


Weekend of 3/19-3/20?

How did the storm treat you guys "up north"? Any chance of sailing this wekend?

We got a few inches of wet nasty snow over most of the southern Wisconsin area (5" here in Madison). I'm waiting to hear how bad it is north and south of here (Winnebago, Green Lake, and Geneva).


Geoff S.

ice cond.

Sorry to give you bad news Geoff, but we just got about 4-5 inches of snow on Minnetonka today. Further south of Mpls. 12 Inches plus. North of Mpls and west might still have sailable ice. Mpls. was on the Northern edge of the snow band. Lake Christina might be a possibility.
Gone Sailin
DN 5050

DN 5050

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info. It sounds like Buffalo Lake is good. I probably won't drive up for just a day, but hopefully next weekend things will still be OK. A couple of us might come up for the weekend.

I hope you all will have a great day sailing Sunday!


Geoff S.

South of MTKA

There are similar conditions on Riley Lake (Eden Prairie, MN, 300 acres, so it's quite a bit smaller, and about 5 miles south of the big lake): Pretty rough in spots but worth sailing. Two DNs and one Nite were out on Sunday. Likely to be more this weekend if the wind comes back.

John Bushey

John Bushey