Buffalo Lake, Buffalo MN

I drove past Buffalo this morning (saturday) & drove on the ice at Sturges Park, Buffalo MN. They recieved no snow from yesterday's event. The fields are black, well brown.

The lake appears to be ~ 75% clear of snow, with the balance ~ 1/2 inch drifts.

There is a road that runs from the park to the fishing village in mid lake, there should be ample room south of the road for a course. (that would be the south side of the lake)

US 602 was suggesting he'd get a course set up for tomorrow

think ice


Scrubb racing

It sounds like a half dozen boats or so are heading out to Buffalo lake for some late season informal racing. 3/4 of an hour west of Minneapolis. Nice big ice. Tom Austin


did anyone sail on sunday? no wind till thursday , will lake ice survive till then? thanks for a reply. any ice further north? would love one last shot! hopefully something is out there.

Tom Meyer and I tried to sail

Tom Meyer and I tried to sail but the wind was too light. The ice was soft on the surface due to strong sun. The lake is still in good condition with two feet of ice according to local ice fisherman. The landing is also good but could start to deteriorate this week. not many fisherman using the lake and the lake had almost no snow on sunday and should be smoother by next weekend. If the weather is right this would make a good venue for weekend racing.