Ice Report: Christina, Ashby; Dead Lake, Dent; & Lake Lizzie, Pelican Rapids

I drove North on MN 78 from I 94, the fields are about 80% white, Pelican Lake is about 95 % frozen & white, showing more wetspots than ... this is a family show, never mind, it's worrisome and I doubt we'll agree it's suitable. There were 5 fish houses in the Narrows.

Christina at Milepost 8; The lake recieved what I measure to be maybe 2 1/2" of powder snow (the kind they capitalize the letters of in the mountain ski resorts). 20 degrees F, wind out of the East at about 15-20 mph, ground drifting. The lake is starting to show noticable drifts, and intermittent clear ice, est ~ 95% white. This lake is clearly sailable, it's probably a toss up as to which runner choice will be superior at the first weather mark, I'll bet there will be some of each in the top row.

Driving North past Battle Lake and Ottertail Lake (both open water) to Colin's Landing, Dead Lake, Dent, MN. The bay straight out from Colin's Landing (open, with amenities) is a ~ 4000 acre bay, 10' deep, it's got 3+" of clear ice covered with 1 1/2" powder, the lake shows about 80% white, and to the best of my knowledge has Never Been Sailed. It is a better looking sheet of ice in terms of snow depth. Access is actually better, a real parking lot, a store... We'd all put on inserts here, skinny ones. If you don't like Christina, this ought to be someplace between Better and Great.

Lake Lizzie, there's as near as I can tell a 100 yard portage thru the cat tails to get to a really big sheet of maybe slightly better than dead ice. It's in the same too big size as both Dead and Christina. It'll take a day to solve a launch problem, there's some Pelican Lake DNers who may know how to get on Lizzie.

My recommendation, absent ice unencumbered by snow from some other checker... Set up & sail on Christina, it's right on the way, it's known and it's probably just great.

If snow plates are compelled on Christina, we should then decide the when and whos of sailing Dead Lake. If Insert runners are superior, stay there! It's gonna be great!

Accomodations are not a complication, as Dead has attractive alternatives equidistant to the 20 mile trip to Fergus Falls. Lizzie is also about 20 miles from Fergus.

You guys ought to decide what your next steps are.

It's gonna be great!


The Call has been made!We

The Call has been made!

We are going to the black ice of North Long lake for sailing on 11-26.

Here is another report from Stroh:

It's true extreamly smmmmoooooth Black ice
It's well Worth the trip
There Is tons of room
Launch at the boat launch on the bay of north long lake It's on the side of 371

pics from 11-25 at:

Launch in on NW corner of lake. Take a right on Noka trail from 371 (it's just south of the star on this mapquest)

mapquest to north long lake

Come join the fun!

Urgent alert!

Quote from Brainard ice-surfing Dude posted Friday, just after sun-set:

"Everyone in the world should be at North Long tomorrow for two reasons: Killer Ice and East Winds. The ice is more than safe at 4+ inches, we rode today for 6+ hours; Black ice; no snow.

I met up with Jerry, Stroh, Jason & Family for a killer session. We will have to have our smiles surgically removed.

Come tomorrow with anything that works on ice. We will have a few boards rigged with SwitchBlades for demo if interested...

Its All GOOD!

ride till it hurts!"

This sounds pretty EPIC!!!

Mr. Kiefer??? Should we change the plan? Who knows what about North Long Lake? I did inquire to the 'Dude' for more info: Will post.

Roll call you ice-checking swabs; Who's in for perfect glass ICE at NLL in 12 hours!!!

The Professor...


Where's NLL anyone??

North Long Lake

North Long Lake is right across Hwy 371 from Gull Lake. Just north of Brainerd.

Yes 150! It ain't too

Yes 150!

It ain't too complicated!

See & believe:

Who's In!!!

Good info Mark! Still a bit

Good info Mark! Still a bit of a tough call, but I'm up for a road trip! After just shoveling & snow-blowing my driveway I agree that the 2.5 inches we just received in Minnetonka is of the highest quality 'Champaign powder'!!! (i.e.: minimal friction)

Roll call!!!: Who's in?!?!

Still a bit?

Hey Rob,

I've already said it...


This is not at all a tough call... you've sailed half the regattas you've raced on worse than our worst in hand,

These are all very very good sailing venues right now, they just happen to have a little snow on them. It's early ice, it might change, heck you should have seen it yesterday. :)


I'm in..

super good info...
I'm in too...
I'll be leaving in the van in the early morning..


LOOMER & I ARE IN! See ya in the AM.
Thanks for the report Mark.