Sailing Today, Saturday, North Long Lake, Brainerd, MN

From post on Christina, Dead Lake, Lizzie Thread
Submitted by Professor Robae on 26 November, 2005 - 13:44.
The Call has been made!

We are going to the black ice of North Long lake for sailing on 11-26.

Here is another report from Stroh:

It's true extreamly smmmmoooooth Black ice
It's well Worth the trip
There Is tons of room
Launch at the boat launch on the bay of north long lake It's on the side of 371

pics from 11-25 at:

Launch in on NW corner of lake. Take a right on Noka trail from 371 (it's just south of the star on this mapquest)

mapquest to long lake

Come join the fun!

How did it go?!

"Enquiring minds want to know!" (tm)


Geoff S.


it was perfect.. awesome ice... black.. smooth.. good wind and we were whipping around the course. I got up there late and even though I didn't have much time it was really great.