Lake Christina - Sailable Nov. 29 2005

It is with great pleasure we announce...

Yesterday's snow event did little more to Lake Christina than add 1" of snow ice to the surface.

The lake is unquestionably sailable. We have this as an option for the weekend.

Detail: 16 deg F, Wind NW 25, The roads are covered with ice. The surface of the lake appears a uniform light grey color as you approach from the road.

The surface of the lake is snow ice, primarily uniform, with roughly 1/4" waves blown into the slush as it froze. I'd expect we'll be sailing 1/4" inserts on the lake.

There were no drain holes observed. Broadly scattered are some ~ 1" frozen drifts, these appear frozen solid and are of modest slope, (boats will sail over, not through, most do not seem capable of launching the boat)

If this is one of the better venues that appear, we'll make an effort to sail it tomorrow.

It's gonna be great!


Otter Tail Lake

Driving back from Christina, I drove past the West side of Otter Tail Lake, 13,700 acres, 6500 less than 15 ft deep. (big & shallow) 20 miles East of Fergus Falls.

The lake is just whiter than water, according to the locals, it substantially froze last night.

It poses a smoother than Christina option for Saturday (building ice in the near 0 deg F overnight low temps between now & then) which is the same distance from Fergus Falls hotels, (local hotels in ottertail village on the east side of lake)

Additionally, Pelican Lake, Pelican Rapids reportedly froze (snow ice) last night. It's 20 miles north of Fergus Falls.

Ice is Nice