Sailing - North Long Lake

Six DNs sailed what was reported to be 18 - 20 races on North Long Lake, just off Highway 371, north of Brainerd, MN today on what was characterized as absolutely perfect ice.

Given the small fleet, a long half mile course was set, giving the Minnesota Ice Checkers their first rides of the season. The main body of North Long Lake was reported by kite boarders to be less than one day frozen. If Long Lake is missed by the storm, it's really big and pretty awesome.

Note: Hazards are known to exist on this lake! A working lead East of today's course location, open water near the North Shore also reported. They do not bother today's course, but they're there. The native board sailors suggest this lake, this bay in particular is known to support a large and active ice fishing community.

602, 4824, 4923, 4975, 5214,and 5090. We watched a couple two lap heats from the start finish line, 4824 was remarkably QUIET, and correspondingly, pretty fast.

The guys were still going around the cans, (New, Large, flourescent green and very easy to see) as the sun was dropping into the trees.

A detailed report, and photos will be posted later, by those who sailed.

As we look towards the developing threat of the weather system rolling out of the rocky mountain region, we now have six known to be suitable sized venues under watch for next weekend's western challenge regatta.

In addition to these six, we anticipate a several other suitable lakes have the potential to freeze in the Frigid Temps forecast during the week, potentially yielding suitable freshly frozen surfaces emerging in the cold air after the storm. (Of the 10,000+ lakes in Minnesota, over 500 are of suitable size to accomodate our event, perhaps 20 of those 500 are currently frozen).

Several sailors indicated they'd be getting some more practice in tomorrow.

It's gonna be great!


Yes; it was very nice ice

Yes; it was very nice ice and a great season opener! The Doctor had the best wheels but we all had some nice moments. I would say there is enough room for a regatta on that piece of ice but like Mark said; we have many options.

Looking forward to the Western Challenge!