Ice in Iowa?

I just read on a wind surfing/kiting site- that Big Creek and Saylorville Lake north of Des Moines might just have clear ice.
5 to 7 inches and 90% clean.Check out their weather/forcast at the side of ththe page.


Hey guys - I live in Polk City, North of Des Moines and West of Ankeny - only 3 hours from Mpls. We have clear ice on Big Creek AND on Saylorville Lake between 4 & 10 inches.

I've been sailing catamarans and scows in Central Iowa for the last 15 years and for the first time in 15 years I've had the itch to get an Ice Boat to take advantage of the virgin ice here. There's NO ONE here that ice boats, and I've been scratching my head with the "why" of it. Problem is - I'm a big guy about 275# and I think a DN is out of the question. I'm considering a Nite since that's a 2 seater, but I'd like to find some advice from another big guy ice boater.
I don't come to this forum often, so please feel free to drop a note to There are just too many good ice boating days wasted on these lakes.