I understand the zamboni's been out on Winnebago, and some guys are going to sail it this week, in anticipation of the regatta.

It's certainly plausible, if I were free to sail, I wouldn't be making plans to go to the opera or bowling, at least until the announcement.

Think ice


One report...

From the message board:

    Dave Lallier

    Posted: Today at 09:15 am
    First look off Fond du Lac Tuesday in the fog did not look too bad. Reports of about 11" thick. No snow. Very little standing water and did not see any drain holes. Did not go out very far, so not sure how big of an area and how smooth. Will check Thursday and report back. :) ;)


Geoff S.

i called the hotline

and it says they are going to do an update before 7:00pm tonight.

the message says they are sailing today to check out a 'pretty good sheet of ice'

think ice..