Minnetonka ice report

Fellow wind junkies,
Cornboy and I went Kite Skiing on Saturday Jan 21st out of Cottagewood the wind was 15-25 gusting to 30 out of the SE.

When I finally got back to the set up area I said to Cornboy, “I wish I was on my ice boat that was fucking scary”.

Ice conditions:
The ice is rough especially near lake access points (ATV and snowmobile tracks in ice)
80% ice 20% snow
Snow less than ½ inch

I didn’t go out to the center of the main lake since I didn’t think I could get back in the gusty wind.

Well worth setting a boat for a scouting mission I think the ice is good for cruising but maybe not racing. Personally, I would sail on the lake this weekend but you know me I don’t always us the best judgment.

Weekend on Mtka

Andy's update sounds better than the ice looks based on the drive by. The forcast includes 45 degrees and maybe a little rain. The ice could be an 8 by Sat. Let's plan on a cruising day with a few races to go with it!

Hope for the miracle zamboni!

Mike Miller

Need a Scout for Mtka

You can't tell what the ice is like from the Car. You have to get off your lazy bum and walk out on the ice or sail it to provide good feedback. I'd love to go, but work has me stuck in Memphis, TN and the only ice they have here is in the Sweet Tea.