Surf's Up - Lake Minntonka

The Heaven's opened and lowered down a “Miracle Zamboni” on Lake Minnetonka last night. I walked the lake last night at 12:30am after getting my boat back together after a long hiatuses in the work shop. I so wanted to set up my boat last night and go for a rip in the heavy air but duty calls.

Ice Condition:
60-80% standing water on lake. < ½ inch
Snow is all gone on main lake though some snow around the shoreline
Rough spots are much smoother than before but still a little rough

I don’t think the ice is regatta ice but it is sailing ice.

I call iceboating “ON” for Lake Minnetonka.

And why did I come to work to day?


Minnetonka conditions??? Buffalo?? Pepin??

We are getting drenched in Wisconsin and I have a friend in town who is hot to do some sailing on my Nite and DN. Are conditions better in Minnesota (how could they not)?

I'd gladly make the drive, or stop at Pepin.

Setup in Cottagewood for Saturday Sailing


Not all of us can make the NA's, so we'll have a little get together on Saturday to do a little group sailing. We will be setting up in Cottagewood at the Pratt/Allen location, because it provides quick access to the main lake.

Cottagewood Lauch Site

The wind forecast isn't the best, but you have to learn to sail in light wind too.

Cya'll there