Elk Lake, MI

Elk Lake has finally frozen. It made it thru the day and should build ice tonight. We are hoping to sail mid to late week.
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Lake Charlevoix

Walt's update today on Lake Charlevoix:

A long time ago I read someplace, or I heard someplace, that back in
the horse & buggy days, before either the steam or internal
combustion conveyance, men had the theory that if a man were to
travel faster than 30 miles an hour, they would disintegrate.

I now believe that they were wrong on the number, but that their
theory just might have some validity. I do not know what the
disintegration number is, but I fear that I came very close to it
today on my little Lockley Skimmer.

The ice on Lake Charlevoix was a little funny. The smooth ice we had
known for the last two days had changed. It now looked like it had
the hives. It was made up of tight little rolling bumps. Not rough to
ride on, I think it might have been faster because of less friction
between the skates and the ice. Other than that the lake was pocked
with puddles. The puddles were not water, they were slush covered
with a thin coat of ice. The runners would break through, and ice
chips and a bit of the slush would fly into the goggles and face, but
not bad enough to bother much. The puddles were all sizes, from the
size of the top of a 55 gallon barrel to a big oval maybe fifteen by
twenty feet. It was fun trying to steer between them, but it was
impossible to miss many. There was a bit of a hesitation when you hit
one, but not much as long as you were moving 40 mph.

The wind started to drop a little after 4:00 PM, it had been another
great day, wish you all had been here.

Walt Ward


Elk Lake Feb 12th

Overnight the snowfall was almost non-existent. There is only 1/2" of snow on the ice !!!


Feb 13th

Elk has opened up...we will repost when it re-freezes :-(


Not too soon...

Hopefuly it will stay liquid long enough for whatever snow Thursday brings to melt away into the lake...


Geoff S.

Hopefully the snow stays away

We have found an incredible piece of ice on the East Arm of Lake Charlevoix...It's the best ice we have seen this year in Michigan...So at least we have somewhere to sail while we wait for Elk.
I would rate Lake Charlevoix an 8 or 9.
It's 5-7" thick hard clear ice with only approx 20% snowcover up to 1/2"
Great parking, lots of hotels since it's Boyne City...



It sounds great. I saw Dave's posts on the DN BBS.

Many thanks for scouting around!

We'll hope the snow stays away through the weekend.

I'm looking at routes up through the UP. Google Maps and MapBlast both suggest following the shore up Green Bay and the lake. I've never driven that "up and over" before; is that the best route?


Geoff S.

Elk Lake

Well Geoff, you may get to come here after all...Centrals are on for Elk Lake this time



Which city do you live in??
The U.P. stuff...alot of it is only 2 lane and very weather dependant. If you let me know what city you are coming from I can give you a better answer.
See you soon, Jack