Ice on prior lake for 3/4 & 5

anybody can confirm? hear it is clear, how bumpy? go down 169 to 18 past home depot/sams to launch ramp at big part of lake. also mark-ham is giving report tonight (friday) on lacrosse, may have ice there. what about pepin - newer ice on north end by lake city? tom 612-432-8124

So guys, how was it?

Prior Lake? How was it? Where is it going down on Sunday if the weather holds out?

Calhoun was much better than anyone hoped for - wasn't too bumpy and the wind was 8-10. Four boats and a few kiters had a great time in 40 degree weather.


MEYER - you're closest to Prior Lake

C'mon Tom,

it's only 12 miles from your shop to prior lake, why are you asking somebody to drive past your shop to go check the ice for you... you're the closest guy.


Calhoun report (3/3/2006)

Hi Tom,

I checked Lake Calhoun this morning (3/3). It is bumpy grey ice and some smoother areas over 60% and thin 1/4" crusty snow over the remaining 40%. Fisherman report 12-16 inches thick on nearby Lake Harriet.

I may go there just for the pure convenience of it on Saturday-Sunday, unless someone can find something better locally. Let us know and call it tonight.

/Adam (the jonesin' newb)

Calhoun / Harriet


I'm interested in sailing Calhoun or Harriet this weekend with you. What time? Which lake? Where do you launch?



I thought I would wait until Tom makes the call re. local ice - it would be nice to race a bit. Let's give him a few more hours...

If I don't hear anyting by Sat. morning, I'll set off for Calhoun, say rigged by noon or so. Winds are going to be SE so the NW corner of Calhoun would be best (off of Lake St.)