where is the ice for 2/25 and 26th

who is ready for a road trip? any ice on small ends of lake geneva/green lake? snow there thursday/friday? tom meyer 612-432-8124

duluth harbor

I've got a second hand report that an ice-boarder was seen on duluth harbor.

It's supposed to be pretty good. Can anybody confirm?

I've always wanted to go iceboating on duluth harbor. Who's up for this weekend?


ice maybe in lacrosse/ or lake city

markham says he may have ice in lacrosse, will know friday pm. meyer

ya xxxxx

Nothing that I know of, but...

... if there's anything around, I'll be there!

I head a rumor that Como (down by Geneva) might be sailable, but I haven't gotten confirmation of that. If I hear anything specific, I'll post it here.


Geoff S.

Como has small sailable area

An update to the "Como, Delavan, and Geneva Ice Reports - 2006" thread on the 4-Lakes message board says:

    we sailed COMO 2/21[ dns nites b skeeters ] at the MARS BAR on the west end/ a layer of frozen slush and slightly bumpy but fairly decent even in the light air /the sailable area is small[leave the buoys at home] but enough to get a ride WARNING THEIR ARE HUGE OPEN AREAS EAST OF MARS!!!
    MAYBE BIGGER NOW? will it last? stay tuned and


Geoff S.