Prior Lake Ice Report

Five DN's Sailed Saturday March 4 on Prior Lake, Minnesota in the City of the same name.

602 and 4602 were fast in the early race, until the sun hit the ice and angle runners were compelled. 4811, 824 and 4695 had their moments in the softer ice, in 10-18 mph of wind. As the ice got soft, the competition got tight, the in the last 3 races, the top 3 boats finished within 5 seconds total.

We sailed 5 tight races, the only remarkable hazard was the vehicle traffic on the ice. Over the course of the day there were maybe 10 cars & trucks that needed to be watched carefully. The long narrow course made staying in the breeze a real challenge, and the key to success on the course.

Sunday's rain/snow/soft ice & diminished winds made it a no go sort of day.

We launched at the Sand Point Beach Park in Prior Lake, 3 blocks south of the intersection of Co Rd 42 and Co Rd 18.

Think ice


What am I missing?

More than a few times this winter I've loaded up my trailer ready to race my DN with you guys after reading, and submitting, ice reports on this website. But I'm missing something because the site often jumps from scattered ice reports on Thursdays and Fridays to stories about how the sailing was on Sundays. I can't seem to find the comment that says, "Hey, it's decided. We're sailing on Lake ____________ ."

Is it my breath? I know I'm an outsider here, but I'd really like to race. Any help is appreciated.

DN 5298

call me

tom meyer, 612-432-8124. sometimes we can't decide till late as no on site ice report. we didn't see prior lake till 10 am sat when mark and i went down there.

ya xxxxx

I too was wondering....

Hi Scott,

I posted that I would be at Calhoun for some recreational sailing if I did not hear a call to race. When nothing came in that's what I did. Would have been nice to get everyone in one place tho'. Next time...

Adam (#3909 temp.)