Swede & Whale Tail Lakes

10am Friday
Swede Lake- Completely frozen over with smooth ice about 1 1/2" thick in 5' of water. 2'-3' cracks appeared when I chopped through.

Whale Tail Lake- Completely frozen over with smooth ice (choppy around shore) 2"-2 1/2" thick in 5' of water. Ice is stronger than Swede, didn't crack when I chopped through and withstood a few lackluster jumps. (I'm such a chicken)

Try Buffalo on Sun. That's

Try Buffalo on Sun. That's were the whole gang will be along with all of the Europeans, The ice looks great.

DN 5050

DN 5050


Drove out to Whale Tail - Saw several holes from an ice auger checking the ice like my self...using a hand drill poking holes every 30 feet....seems to be a solid 3"+ of ice on it. Wind was just ripping!


How much ice does a person need to sail?

Whale Tail Sunday

My cousin and I are planning to sail Whale Tail Sun.
Looks like 15-20 winds and 48+ hours of ice growing since last ice check.

Whale Tail Sunday...

Give me a call if you guys are going to go... and I will try to attach the boat to the wife's roof rack.


Local Twin Cities Lake Ice?

Is there any ice that is safe in a 50 mile radius? Whale Tail is close enough to work, but don't feel like falling thru.

local twin cities ice

Ice is NEVER SAFE...it might be suitable, but never safe.

Test Run this weekend...

I have a boat, on a trailer, and now the wife took the truck! No way to even get to the unsafe ice to find out if everything still works. That might be a good thing, but there is no smile in this face!

Might take a ride out to Swede & Whale Tail without the boat to check on the ice my self.