racing 12/9 and 10. app 11am.

looking at uppper lake, spring park, set up at ramp on hwy 15 or at doctors moms house. dr. checking ice tonight, should be good. let the germans know to use caution or you can find a hole or open crack. main part of lower lake still open. tonka bay is frozen. tom meyer


Just got off the phone with 4824, there's no ice checking until 073- tomorrow morning... he'll bore some holes then.

24 hours ago ...Submitted by Ensign1525 on Wed, 12/06/2006 - 5:30pm.
5pm. Just came in from the ice. Guideons bay has only a weak 1 1/4" thick out past Spoils Island.

HMMMM... 1.25 mean ice thickness, + last 24 hours = .8

There's probably 2.0 right now... another .25 - .5 tonight

maybe 3 max in the morning, with some 1.5 to 2"'s cleverly hidden no significant gain for the next couple days...

There's about 1 square mile of open water in the main lake...

I look forward to the next objective information.

Absent that... I'd be driving the 20 miles to Buffalo... Know where to find the weak spots there.


Launch by the water patrol???

If we're supposed to launch at the ramp by the water patrol here is a map link:
Spring Park Bay Landing