Ice Boaters Spotted Friday afternoon in Cottagewood - Lake Minnetonka

I just received a call from Poachee Beach let us all know that Rat's and Allen set up their boats in Cottagewood next to Harry Allen’s house. They sailed towards Excelsior where the ice is like a mirror.
Poachee Beach (Cottagewood USA) also reported main lake is still has open water out past Big Island towards the center of the lake with the water fowl inhabiting water.

I voter for Saturday racing in Excelsior / Tonka Bay instead of Spring Park Bay.

Poachahantas (Antique Roadshow)

hey poachy....isnt your

hey poachy....isnt your daycare located at poachee beach?? come to spring park!

mr gotta..........

Go Icesurf! Snazzy!

Go Icesurf! Snazzy!