White Bear Lake Update - 12/17

Wow - another awesome weekend at White Bear. Despite the fact that we had less than 40 hours of temps at or below freezing in the last week, we lost very little ice thickness. The ice is still 4 - 6 inches in most places. The surface is near perfect although slightly mottled.

Not a lot of wind Saturday, but the breeze was 8 - 14 mph today, averaging around 10 most the time. Not too much ice boat traffic as I think people were nervous about the warm weather.

CAUTION: between the Peninnsula and the Island there is a long stretch of wide open water along the pressure ridge mentioned last week. One Nite sailor lost it into the hole and destroyed his boat but thankfully scrambled to safety (broken mast went through the deck!). Many boats stopped to help in the rescue effort - never sail alone!

Dr. Lee-vil
Nite 512

Replacment mast.

I cringe every time I hear about an iceboater who has gone swimming. I am pleased he was able to get out safely.
I am not sure of the extent of damage to the boat or mast but, if the mast is not repairable, I have a spare Sitka spruce mast for sale.
Mike Bloom
Minnetonka Nite #535
612 598-3800