Minnesota Ice, Week 5 Outlook - it's gonna be great...AGAIN

3 DN's sailed Spring Park Bay, just rippin in light air on perfect ice again late yesterday afternoon, now in our 5 straight week on "the good stuff" in Minnesota.

Thats before taking the boats down in anticipation of Thurday's predicted weather system. 12/22/06 Minnesota Snow Depth Map

We're pretty sure to see something fall from the sky, the current forecast discussion indicates the majority of precip will fall south of the Twin Cities, leaving a very high probability that we'll have excellent ice available somewhere in Minnesota for this weekends sailing. We just may have to go looking for it.

Other current ice conditions reported by the ice fishing community in Minnesota:

- Lake Minnewaska, Glenwood MN "... When it's glare ice like it is out there now..."

- Gull Lake, Brainerd MN, "Was out on Gull last night off of the government access and there was about 8-10 inches...If you are venturing out on any ice in near future invest in ICE CLEATS."

- Buffalo Lake, Buffalo, MN "...Ice 6-8 inches" Hasn't changed much since we were there...

- Mille Lacs Lake, Garrison MN "...She's one huge skating rink right now...Hopefully we miss any snow". Main Lake..."Eight inches in places then four. Not for the faint of heart."

(hmmm, may be scarey in an ATV or Snowmachine, shouldn't trouble a DN)

Lake Sallie, Detroit Lakes "There was 11" of clear ice where I was"

There's more out there... We ought to be able to find some for the weekend...

Think ice


Friday morning Assessment

We recieved ~ 1.5" of snow after a significant amount of rain yesterday... A quick drive past the lake this morning shows the water on the ice has substantially melted the snow, 99% dark on Wayzata Bay.

KSAX in Alexandria reports some areas recieved a dusting, others got no snowfall yesterday.

There's perhaps an inch of wraparound snowfall predicted today that may influence sailing conditions...

Updates to follow with ice reports


ice report

pelican lake near monticello mn


Lake Darling, Alexandria "...Ice was pretty good, a couple of guys are driving small cars on the ice. I would guess it's about 8 inches of hard clear ice"