Michigan ice over the holidays

I know, this is a MN site, but what the hell.

I am banished to a week at the in-laws in Saginaw, Michigan over the holidays. My wife, recognizing my dilemma says, "Why not bring the boat along". Hmm, perhaps not a bad idea...

So, could someone please comment on sailing locations and ice conditions in central Michigan? Saginaw is very close to Bay City, fwiw, and about 2 hours from Detroit. I guess I can handle a 120 mile radius for a daysail, no problem.

If anyone has plans to iceboat the week between Christmas and New Year's, please let me know ASAP. I leave Satuday morning 12/23 and if I hear from no one before then, I will probably skip the idea. Name, number below...

US 5366
612-618-4729 (cell)

Michigan ice, the easy way

Hi Adam,
Bring clothes,runners and maybe wires; I travel with my "guest" boat and you are welcome to use it if this is easier for you. I loaned this boat/rig to a friend for the 05 NAs and he got 15th in Gold with it. We won,t have any ice in the lower peninsula until midweek at best. If there is ice, plenty of people will show up.
Drop by the Gougeon Brothers epoxy plant/technical center in Bay City, maybe Meade or Jan will be around and can show you the place. I believe the company phone number is 989 671 3012. At the 2001 GC in Saginaw Bay they gave the whole fleet a tour one night; very cool!
john harper 313 882 3420 or 882 4891

I like that offer!

Hi John,

Thanks for the offer! I'll do that and call you on the 26th for an update.



Is anyone going to the U.P. this weekend from down your way?
Jack Jacobs


You might try posting a

You might try posting a request on the J-boats group:
They are fairly Michigan-centric, and a pretty nice group of folks, too.


Geoff S.

Michigan ice

I live about 150 miles north in Traverse city. We have no ice yet. We hope to have some the week after Christmas if it stays cold enough at nite.