Minnesota - Week 6 Sailing Outlook

Ice conditions are between very good and beyond description in a significant portion of the state. (we haven't been on one without hazards however)

Forecast is favorable for much of our 6th straight week of Iceboating in Minnesota.

Sailors are known to be set up on White Bear, and Upper and Lower Minnetonka, ya sure, there are probably other guys out there sailing, don't know who or where... yet.

When I look at the current snow cover map, all I'm seeing is miles and miles of boatable ice which we should be identifying and tracking in anticipation of the upcoming regatta season.

All you need is Ice.

Christmas Morning in Minnesota (Minne No Snow TA)



Sailing today was perfect,great ice,good breezes and a nice long course. 10-12 DNs raced eight race in the afternoon. JD had is skeeter out and was giving family rides and doing some DN racing.

Christmas Day Sailing: The start of week 6 in Minnesota

KA 2 and 4695 sailed Dutch Lake in Mound combining fine Christmas Day food and cheer with introducing the sport to some new friends and prospective iceboaters.

Ten intrepid souls froze some snot to their foreheads in their first sail in DN's this weekend. No Damage, lots of thrills, big smiles.

The lake is too small for racing all but the shortest of short courses, access limited, one significant open water hazard exists.