Minnesota Week 6 Sailing - Last chance to tune before the Western Regional Championships!

Cloudy skies with a few showers later in the day. High 37F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%. Forecast Accuracy

Boats continue sailing on the known current metro area lakes... I presume some guys on vaca will sneak out again today. Weather in last 7 days has us about neutral in terms of ice made.

Looking at the forecast for the weekend, there's a strong liklihood boatable conditions will continue thru into the New Year.

Weather models seem to indicate an event similar to last weekend, what precip we get will most likely be rain not snow, and significant spreads in amounts of precip across the currently boatable lakes... although the worst case scenario predicts the chance of some (nobody's talking accumulation) snowfall on Sunday. No significant new snowfall is expected
hourly weather forecast graph, lake minnetonka

Some boats plan to set up again in Spring Park Bay, Saturday, STARTS BEGIN AT 1100. If I sail, this will be the spot. Other groups planning on sailing in other venues are encouraged to post their plans, time, lake, it's conditions and launch sites.

Reiterating, every lake sailed this season in Minnesota has had hazards observed... keep your eyes open.

Ice is all you need.


Week 6 - last tune up before Western Regional Champs

This weekend, our 6th on the ice in Minnesota is the last available tuning weekend before the upcoming IDNIYRA Western Regional Championship Regatta. notice of regatta

Minnesota Ice Sailors should:

1. Sail this weekend and brush with the people who will be representing us at this regatta. It's a great event, good competition, deep fleet, lot's of fun, you should try to get there, and with all the cockpit time some have seen, Minnesota Sailors are expected to do well in this event.

2. Keep score this weekend, so those who cannot race in the regionals will get a really good idea where they might have shaken out.

3. Most of the boatable ice in the Western Region is in Minnesota right now! Keep your eyes open for suitable regatta ice in your back yard... theres a big weather system rolling thru this weekend, somebody's going to see snow, others won't... If you have great Ice on Sunday afternoon you really should post a report, (or call one in if shy)... ,b>the people making the regatta location decision really need nothing... except choices about where to sail. It would be a nice New Year's gift to the fleet to have a couple great venue's in hand to be considered for the Regatta. interactive snow depth map

Saturday Sailing Locations:
Spring Park Bay, Lake Minnetonka 1100 Start...

Other Locations: (Lower Mtka, White Bear, Bald Eagle, etc, ) please feel free to post a reply with launch site locations, times etc.

As always, sailors of all abilities are welcome at Minnesota Ice Sailing Association Ice.

Ice is all we need!


Boats are sailing Spring Park

Just spoke with 602,

"ya, the ice is hard, there's enough wind and and a little bit of water 1/4" max in the low spots... lots of boats are setting up... markham is coming from LaCosse, better hurry, Oh Ya!

Another great week of Sailing in Minnesota! (6)


As always, sailors of all abilities are welcome on Minnesota Sailing Ice!


Partial Recap

Ten DN's set up and sailed Spring Park Bay today...

Angle runners were compelled...

the differences were huge...

dry and 12 mph breeze turned to drizzle on soft ice turned into really soft ice, rain and lighter air...

I got a runner in the air once...

We've sailed six straight weeks in Minnesota... week seven looks promising... cooler weather, little expected snow.