Lake Waconia contact

Thanks to US 602 (Meyer) and 4811 (chatterbox) for checking out the conditions on Lake Waconia Tuesday Jan 02. I have an excellent vantage point to watch conditions from the south shore about 40 feet above the lake. The ice is currently well frozen slush, so it not as fast as it sounds like Gull Lake would be. A very few spring holes around the lake and at least one 4" crack just north and east of the island are to be watched for. The warm temps may smooth off the top of the ice improving it. Lots of clear space with no ice houses to avoid. The lake is a great place to sail with long expanses and clear air. If anyone needs a report I'm available at 952-442-4741. Marilyn Tripp Proulx and Greg Proulx.


(Tip of the helmet)

Marilyn, Thanks!!! it's a great thing to know another DNer is watching the pond!

Keep us posted!