Twin Cities Ice?

Anyone sailing on lakes in the vicinity of the Twin Cities this weekend? I've got a Nite and would like to get together with some other sailors. White Bear? Lake Riley? Waconia? Bald Eagle? Let me know where you're going. - Craig Young 651-261-3196

East Metro lakes should be

East Metro lakes should be good for you. Both White Bear and Bald Eagle have Ice Boaters out on the weekends. White Bear has a few nice access points and has some big areas with very few obstructions.
I always like to sail where other sailors are sailing, usually they will warn you about possible Ice hazzards.


You are welcome to set up at the Shorewood Yacht Club on Gideon's Bay. There are several boats set up there and people will be comming and going all weekend.

Forgot the biggie

Craig Young Hudson, WI

Craig Young Hudson, WI

Sailing on Riley

We will be sailing both days on Riley in Eden Prairie. Should start mid morning Saturday, with breaks for kids basketball off and on, but there is likely to be someone on the lake most of the day. You are welcome to come join us, and leave the boat set up for the weekend if you like. Currently on the ice are 3 DNs, 2 Nites, and Arrow and an iceflyer.

Riley has 300 acres of pebbly ice with no known hazards as of Wednesday.

John Bushey

John Bushey