Week 9 Recap > Minnesota

8 DNs drove to Spicer MN, choosing to sail on Eagle Lake, just south of Green Lake. The ice was a bit rumbly getting out to the course, with an occasional ariel launcher to be found.

We sailed a really fun short ~ 400 yard course in the gusting to 25 mph conditions... lots of left hand turns, placing a real premium on lay line decisions and mark rounding skills. Plenty of position changes...

Three boats continued on west for Sunday sailing on Big Stone Lake, Ortonville. This 26 mile long lake on Minnesota's west coast recieved less than an inch of powder snow overnight and was very difficult to stand on in street shoes.

Currently there are several lakes in West Central Minnesota with less than an inch of snow... local options exist for week 10 of Minnesota ice sailing. Northwest Regatta is has been called ON for next weekend... Primary site: Indian Lake, Manistique, Michigan it's a remarkable event lot's of different iceboats.

We'll be tracking some minnesota lakes over week 10 and attempt to identify the best suitable venues. Update on Thursday evening 6:00 pm local time.

- Big Stone,Ortonville
- Minnewaska, Glenwood
- Osakis, Osakis, MN
- Miltona, Alexandria


Thurs night update?

What is the latest plan for the weekend? Anyone heading west?



Lake Tatonka?

Beware for....

Dr. Chopper!!

He's fast!

Ahhh, Dr. Chopper: that is


Dr. Chopper: that is VERY good!!!

Ice Ice Baby, I need great

Ice Ice Baby,

I need great ice real bad, I'm gettin the shakes--need ice soon.
Can't wait,

DN 5050

DN 5050

Other lakes you may want to consider

Jenny1: Washington (2600 acres, 17' max depth, freezes over early) 60 miles west of MPLS on US 12 to Darwin then 3 miles south. Koronis (3000 acres, deep) about 70 miles west of MPLS on MN 55.