Lower Minnetonka

We sailed lower Minnetonka today, hard fast rumbly ice in the AM softening through out the day. Cleaner ice up toward Big Island and up towards Excelsior, thicker crust down towards Wayzata and Brackett's point. Smoother Ice on Lower Lake than I found in Spring Park on Upper lake on Sun. where I broke my DN plank. That seemed bad until I lost the leeward runner of my Skeeter into a carp hole today and ripped the plank off. Check out the carnage in the broken gear section of images.

Lower lake hazards

The hole I hit was out in front of Spoils Island(Frog Island to some)on Gideon's bay. It was the only hazard I noticed anywhere on Lower Lake besides the plowed roads. Guess how I came to noticed this hole.(something about going from 40-0 in 2' got my attention)People are still driving out to Big Island and we cut a hole in Lafayette bay on Mon. to sink a mooring achor 50' from shore and found 22" of good solid ice.

plank buster - two in three days?

I hereby relinquish my 2007 "plank buster of the year" award to you!

Where exactly is this hazard

Where exactly is this hazard that you had problems with?
Might go sailing out of Gideons bay?
Any other hazards you noticed?

DN 5050

DN 5050