Duluth Mn. Sailable ice?

I just spoke with a gentleman who was in Duluth this past Sunday, He said the ice was clear as far as the eye could see. I'm hoping He's not blind, the webcam doesn't look that great.
Can anyone confirm this? Would be great to have another chance to go sailing yet this year, Duluth is only a couple of hours away from Mpls. Are there any other locations that have survived the latest rath of mother natures massive snowfall?

I watch this site for

I watch this site for fishing reports and it's not that far from Dulute.


knee deep in the Hoopla

A bit far away...

... but reports from Lake Geneva are looking favorable:

Even further afield, Maumee Bay was sailed last weekend:
and the Traverse City area might have something, too:
(Centrals in a week?)


Geoff S.