I grew up in Alexandria and Dad had a gaff rig iceboat with stern tiller back in the 50's which I think we sold to some guys in Mpls in the late 50's.

I now live on Lake Ida about 12 NW of Alexandria, MN. In my 60+ years I have never seen ice this fine for iceboating in this area. No snow (and I mean NO SNOW - the full moon tonight glaring off of the ice could blind one unless you are wearing sunglasses!), extremely smooth surface, and some widely scattered, well defined fizzures on a 4500 acre lake that I estimate has over 18" of ice. Smooth sailing the entire lake with no known danger spots or weak ice.

My home phone # is 320 834 3040 and I would be happy to direct any weekend iceboaters to launch points on Lake Ida as well as provide a cup of hot tea at our house over what promises to be a very cold weekend!

Our (very yellow - can't miss it from the lake) home is located on the tip of Stony Point (see Google 8751 Breezy Circle NW, Alexandria) on the west side about midpoint of the lake that stretches from N-S.

Jim & Anita Conn

Thanks for the report. Might

Thanks for the report.
Might be to cold this weekend. Keep us updated for the following weekend about ice conditions there.


DN 5050

DN 5050