Sailing This Weekend, Someplace in Minnesota!

The lakes up north are still plenty thick, although access may require planks.

Several sailors have indicated interest in sailing perhaps in the Alexandria area on Sat or Sun.

We'll be checking the forecast this afternoon and making a call.

For a grand finale event there's a little short course experiment we'd like to see tested.

it's gonna be great


This weekend ???

From Hackensack, MN -

Hey 4695 - - got to luv your dedication, but I'm 60 miles
north of Alex, and even MY lake looks ugly. I cannot get out
onto the ice at all now....I don't have long enough planks.
(Anybody have good plans for DN pontoons???)
It's been raining here for 10 hours now...the honeycombing
is progressing tonight....on the other hand, if we get a
cold snap......???? Maybe one more rip ???


(Whut open water ??)

Whut open water ??

forecast is pretty skunky as well

Rather than spending the summer repairing a DN currently not broken... I am putting my DN away for the summer.


Well, if you're giving up...

... then the "Fat Lady" must surely be swimming somewhere!

Great season! See ya'all Nov. 30th!


Geoff S.

she aint started singing, she cleared her throat

I just walked on Lake Miltona, Alexandria, MN, dry feet from shore... no ramp required.

In light of the forecast, below freezing up here most of next week... (making ice, dry) there's a strong possibility most of these lakes will be boatable by like Tuesday... certainly thru next weekend. Frankly, but for the rain forecast, tomorrow might be fine

Going to take a drive and look at some other ponds...

A Detailed Ice report with photos will be posted later today.

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