Week 12 Sailing Outlook

Ten Days til the DN World Championship Regatta! Lot's of preparation going on during the recent chilly weather. There's at least onemore new DNer in Minnesota this week. Expect to see at least two KA sails on the line at the biggie.

The weather pattern we've seen for the last couple weeks is now changing, temps will finally start moderating a bit. Minnesota's "second ice season" is about to begin. Feb 6 Snow Depth Map - There's No Snow in Nimrod!

Currently 40% of the State has less than 2" of snow depth... The NWS interactive snow map shows an area touching Nimrod, Wolf Lake, Menahga, Park Rapids and Akley with No Snow on the ground.

Yesterday's clipper didn't really cross the freeway, staying south of I 94. I never thought that little wire fence could stop a weather system. :)

GOT ICE? The IDNIYRA will be looking for suitable locations for the upcoming Worlds... and to do our part in supporting the event, We're looking for one or two Regatta Suitable lakes to sail this weekend, it may remain too chilly to sail "up north", with Temps in the Alexandria area and north near 10 F for daytime highs. Peppin has a better forecast, but may have seen snow yesterday. Ice reporters are encouraged to post any sailable locations.

Weekend Sailing locations, launch sites, etc will be posted Thursday evening on this site. As always, sailors of all abilities are welcome on the ice.

It's gonna be great!


Anyone sailing Sat/Sun Feb 10-11?

Anyone sailing? I heard rumors of Pepin.


Lake Pepin 2.12.07

I had good intentions of getting out this past weekend. The middle of the lake had anywhere from a 1/4" to 1" of light snow with the shore areas ~ 1-3 " of crusty snow. There was less than 5 kts of breeze so I walked the dog.

Hopefully there will be some wind this weekend....with the snow we need wind.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this storm.

snow depth map

Feb 6 snow depth map is outdated since it snowed up to 6" in some areas of the state on Feb 7.