sail friday on buffalo? or swede? before the snow

anyone interested? tom 612-432-8124

Buffalo or Swede-Sounds Porky!

Just looking for a lift from the Browner - Are you out there Browner?

Swiss DN team

Bonjour, Porkchop.

We can swing by the airport to pick you up, and we'll give'r the Halverson. Send us flight information. Hello to the rest of the Swiss team.


Saturday AM

I'm in for Saturday morning before the snow flies. Can help scout if need be.


Re: Friday

Looks perfect out now, but still working today. Will try for late PM sail. My small bay on West Arm has enough ice for a short run or 2. The main bay has many open spots. Plan for Saturday on Buffalo if not to many open holes. Keep us advised of conditions. Sounds like snow later Saturday, but windy!!


Mike Miller

I'll be on Buffalo early Sat AM

Gonna try to get in a couple hours in before the white flies in the afternoon. Hopefully this system stalls...

Have fun.