Swede Lake today, 11/30/07

November 30, 2007

Buffalo was showing circa 20% open water so we played it safe and convened on Swede Lake. 6-7 DN's turned it lose on ice grade 8 of 10. Thickness is 4-5 inches.

Wind was up, 12G15, so were the speeds!

There are three smallish open areas marked by red cones so keep a look out.

5 boats are set up for an early AM session before the snow flies.

Vi ses i Sverige!
Pics here:
Svenska Sunset


loading up now

The ugly white looks close on radar, but anxious to get a few runs on Swede. I am loading up now. I assume you are set up on the South East shore?


Mike Miller

So the boat is loaded, and

So the boat is loaded, and I'm planning on running out to Sweede for a morning sail to kick off the season. Any one else going to be there? Also, i'm watching White Bear, Its starting to close up but it was mostly open this afternoon

Yup, at least 6 DN's

My guess is you will see 10+ boats. Hopefully the snow holds off until the afternoon.

Det ska bli en skitsnabb issegel pa Sverige!