"Flew" Epidemic Strikes Minnesota!

Rumor has it that iceboaters all over the Minnesota area are calling in sick, with the flew, as they'll be flying all over Buffalo Lake in Buffalo this afternoon. Hehehehe.

At least half a dozen DN's are expected to meet at Sturgis Park, Buffalo MN around noon today and rip around on what looks to be a perfect sheet of ice, for now. It's gonna be amazing...

On that note, we expect most of Minnesota to get dumped on by a developing low pressure system. Ice Checkers/Observers are encouraged to check in Sunday afternoon...

WE NEED TO FIND A LAKE CURRENTLY OPEN, AND LIKELY TO FREEZE SUNDAY OR MONDAY NIGHT. Of course, this being Minnesota, there are about 100 of those in inventory right now.

Some forecast models are hinting that the Coot in Ashby may only see 1-3 Inches of Snow... Maybe Dead or Christina won't get damaged by the snow... It should be an interesting weekend of weather watching by iceboaters...


Buffalo Lake enthusiasts - maybe Fountain Lake?

There's another lake five miles due south of Buffalo - Fountain Lake, Delano. It's smaller, but a mile long...

It's really shallow (9-15ft), so it freezes early. It's frozen now - no open water. I'm not sure how thick the ice is. I just wanted to suggest it as an alternative when Buffalo isn't frozen.

There's a public boat launch. I live on the lake, so I haven't been to the launch - I'm not sure what's there... People are very welcome to launch off our beach, too. I'm happy to give access.

This page shows the location of the launch: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/water_access/counties.html (click on wright)

I don't have a boat. Just an 'observer' (for now), so I'm looking forward to seeing some people out on their boats - somewhere! Soon!

I passed it today on the way to Swede...

..and it looked really good.

Drill some holes and report back.

Thanks for the access offer. Very cool!


ice on Fountain Lake

Ok, confession. I moved here from manhattan a few years ago. Translate = I have no idea how to drill a hole in the ice. :)

But, I called my neighbor who sets up a figure eight every year for his motorcycle-ice thing. He reports that they were out on snowmobiles yesterday, no problem. He said the ice was about 5-6 inches before the snow, at least walking out to half way into the middle of the lake. He didn't measure the very middle of the lake at that time.

So, that's the report. Seems pretty frozen, but it might be prudent to drill some holes and check, too.

Of course, there's a lot of snow out there now.

I'm at lynn.smith@warecorp.com. I'd be thrilled to catch up with you all wherever you end up ice boating.

Our beach is accessible by a short walk through the yard. But, our neighbor also has a boat launch off his driveway, so if you needed to drive the boat to the ice, that's an option, too.

Buffalo-Here we go!

Looking for a ride with Browner. This weekend Buffalo, next weekend the coot!