Western Challenge, looking at our inventory right now...

Here's the process... I recommend we all send everybody we know in minnesota an email and ask them if their lake's frozen in the last 24 hours, we've gotten some endouraging info so far,

based on what we learn today we'll dispatch ice checkers for tomorrow, and accumulate some actionable information...

I expect we'll see people sailing on Wednesday, to check ice suitability for the upcoming Great Western Challenge Regatta!

It's gonna be amazing!



It looks like Minnetonka skimmed over last night.


Yes it is completly ice covered on the main lake with maybe 1-2 inches at best, but 2-4 inches of snow predicted on Tuesday will make it rough for weekend. I also do not think we could host a major iceboating event on Lake Minnetonka!
It has been discussed before.

Mike Miller