Week Six in Minnesota

That's right... this is the sixth week in a row that Minnesota iceboaters have been on the ice with DN's...

Last weekend, thru Monday, 5 Minnesota DNers made the trip to execellent ice in Okoboji, Iowa, Iowa? OK, it's close enough to the Minnesota State Line that you can see it from the the sailing area, the "local Natl Weather Service" reporting station is in Jackson Minnesota. : ) We probably should have kept these lakes, never given them to Iowa, they get the early caucus, we get the lakes.

This weekend, we're looking at a DN Western Regional Regatta, boatable ice some place in Minnesota for six straight weeks... where have you guys been?


Icemaker's out checking Pulaski (Buffalo) for Sat. Jan 5

Keep posted, it may be sailable and 10 kts S in the forecast Should have an answer by 5pm Friday, Jan 4.


How did Pulaski fair during

How did Pulaski fair during the warmer temps earlier this week? Any chance that its sailable?

Best ice is in Madison

2 1/2 inches of snow, drifts on friday afternoon, nice forecast, don't expect this lake will be in the range until Monday.

At least two sailors are heading to the great ice in Madison WI.

we're busted for the first time this winter...

IceMaker's hot tips

Thanks for the updates, it REALLY helps those of us sitting on the fence when we are making last minute decisions to roll down the road or not. Dang, I couldawouldashoulda been there last weekend! Does Okoboji still have sailable ice NOW?

Thanks again, you've got the spirit!
Will on White Bear

Solution? Remove arse from fence...insert arse in iceboat

I heard Okoboji drifted-up. - hopefully the Iowa boys will comment.

Sure a few weekend days this season were a crap shoot and a few days were lost waiting for wind. But a few dedicated souls have logged many miles on some very boatable ice, in my case seven good days, most of it local to MSP.


Adam's Right!

As I was writing my whiney comment about missing Okoboji, I had the same thought about myself, so, your comment was WELL TAKEN. ARSE OFF FENCE, ARSE IN DN!

Thanks, I needed that! The warm winds are coming too, so that bodes well for all lakes.
I hear there's a slab down in Madison?

Will on White Bear

West Okoboji

Walked out Wednesday night and found 6-8 inch drifts and some up to a foot. They were rock hard. In places bare ice. Hope for warm weather.
We called tom m. with the report. Jay Davis