Ice for this weekend 1-11-08?

Alright guys, this will be my last chance to get out on the ice before spring semester starts so where can i find decent ice? Is North East Iowa still sail worthy?

Lake Okoboji

Checked the Lake last night after looking at the Gull piont Iowa Great Lakes water saftey council web cam. It looked really good but on inspection the big drafts had not gone anywhere. Lots of bare ice but the drifts are still rock hard. Got about 2 inches of new snow today. Don't now if clear lake got the rain this week or not.
Jay DN5287 C22

Ice this weekend

The DN North Amererican Championships are this weekend, and today's snow event will deal a new hand for the decision makers for that Great Event.

Right now... Thursday 0530 Central, after the thaw, we think Okoboji Iowa and Pulaski near Buffalo MN are plausible in terms of sailing condition. Many local DNers are thinking the regatta will be in Wisconsin, with great looking reports from Oshkosh and Madison.

Winnebago WI, Jan 9, looking good!

Current Ice on Lake Winnebago,near Oshkosh, WI

It's going to be an interesting snow event, I'm pretty sure we'll have different hand to play as the snow moves out of our area, but that's iceboating.