My $0.02 on the 2008 North Americans

We got on the ice for a week...
in terms of person /day maybe 500
in terms of people on the ice because we were there, maybe 2000
competitor injuries requiring med attention, 0
Boats broken, a few
Hearts broken, a few
near as I know, everybody got home safe, and we left nothing but runner tracks.


Thanks to all

A big thank you Dallas for the great action photos of Monday racing in big wind and fast ice. Check out his link elsewhere to order prints. The price is right for what he had to do to set up for them. Another huge thanks needs to be given to The IceMaker He is really the one who brought the NA's to Pepin with his quick work to provide Izzy with an option when Oshkosh got the wet snow. He can mobilize forces in an instant to scout out options. I was pleased to help out along with Adam Koller.
For my first NA's, I had a smile all the way home and survived except for a duct taped ankle (thank you Loomer for the treatment idea)
Other than a couple problems in 2 races, I was pleased with my handling and boat speed in Bronze. You have to start somewhere. I also need to thank JD for set up advice and everyone else who helps improve my skills.

Mike Miller

Did i get it right?

Bloom gets a bullet in his first ever DN Regatta?

Bloom gets a bullet proving even a blind hog...

Yes, I did manage to win a race-quite the thrill, all things considered.

But, I did not exactly win my first DN race on my own. In my case, it takes a village and, truth be told, I had loads of help…or should I say expertise from the best of the best: 1) JD and Ron Sherry helped me set up my boat; 2) JD and the Doctor pulled me aside before and after various races and individually instruct me on and how to drive, tack, jibe and round the buoys; 3) The Doctor tweaked my boat moments before my big race, as conditions were changing; 4) Loomer told me which runners to use and why, and, finally; 3) Gordo told me how to start fast and keep my head in the game.

After that, all I had to do was point the boat in the right direction, rip to the right corner and then turn left, go fast, round the weather mark in first and then go down hill. Do that 2 more times (without spinning out like I did in virtually ever other race) and they give you a bullet!

I owe all those guys a huge THANK YOU! Remember, they are all trying to win the North American Championships and they are taking time to talk to me between races. How cool is that?! Or, as they say in the MasterCard commercial: Priceless!

Given the big wind and rough ice there is no way I could have even finished most of the races but for their generosity. So, here’s to JD, Ron, the Doctor, Loomer and Gordy--You guys are the greatest. I truly appreciate your taking the time to help me. Thank you!

DN 5432

of the 15 Minnesota Sailors Competing...

12 sailors either improved or gained ranking position. Big improvements by: 5096 Kennedy 22 positions; the Fall Guy Verburgt with 20, and KA 1 with an 8 place improvement.

Other notables, US 1419, with a 5 place improvement has been given a new name by the scorekeepers...keep it down McRuckus! 5366 advanced out of Bronze last year, and got his welcome to the Gold Fleet!